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About Red Sailing

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About US

Our advantages
We set up purchasing centers in many countries and regions to find the right suppliers and provide the best products, services and solutions to help our customers improve their global competitiveness.
We are committed to continuous learning and innovation to help customers better manage their supply chain, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our services include:
* supply and sales of chemical products
* chemical production solutions
* production design solution
* pre-shipment cargo inspection and arrival cargo inspection
* production of customized chemicals

Our goal is not just to be our customers’ suppliers or distributors, we want to be our customers’ partners, to be part of our customers’ production chain and to work with our partners to further extend our relationship.
Our teams in different countries and regions understand the laws and regulations of the local market, follow and guide customers to avoid additional risks caused by changes in regulations and policies, and provide appropriate solutions and alternatives to customers.

Ideas & Values

Customers are always our partners
Employees are our most important asset

Continued commitment

We are committed to green and sustainable development, which is beneficial to the environment, economy and society. And influence our partners and other organizations and individuals to agree on the concept of sustainable development.