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Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate

Product Name: Benzoic acid, sodium salt
Synonyms: Sodium benzoate; Benzoic acid sodium salt; benzoic acid sodium crystalline; benzoic acid sodium sigmaultra; Benzoic acid,sodium salt
CAS RN.: 532-32-1
EINECS: 208-534-8
Molecular Weight: 144.1032
Molecular Formula: C7H5NaO2
Melting Point(℃): 300℃
Boiling Point(℃): 249.3°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 111.4°C
Water Solubility: soluble
Price :


Packing: 25KG/BAG, 50KG/BAG, 1000KG/BAG

Grade: Pharmacy grade, Industrial grade, Food grade

Usage: Sodium Benzoate has been extensively used for many years as a preservative to control microbial growth. It is used in the food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, corrosion  inhibitors in automotive and other antifreeze products. A range of high quality benzoic acid grades are offered to meet the different demands.

Specification for Powder:

Content%(as dry product C7H5NaO2) 99.0-100.5
Loss on drying% ≤1.5
Acidity or alkalinity In conformity with the regulation
Heavy metals% (Pb) ≤0.001
Halogenide%(Fecl3) ≤0.02
Total Cl Content% ≤0.03
Transparency and colour In conformity with the regulations

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